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Book Title Introduction Of Islam
Book AuthorMuhammed Hamidullah
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Introduction Of Islam by DR. M. HAMIDULLAH


Communication with the Omnipresent yet invisible God has also been recognised as possible in connection with a small fraction of men with noble and exalted spirits.

Whether this communication assumed the nature of an incarnation of the Divinity or simply resolved itself into a medium of reception of Divine messages (through inspiration or revelation), the purpose in each case was the guidance of the people.

It was but natural that the interpretations and explanations of certain systems should have proved more vital and convincing than others. 3/a.

Every system of metaphysical thought develops its own terminology. In the course of time terms acquire a significance hardly contained in the word and translations fall short of their purpose,

Yet there is no other method to make people of one group understand the thoughts of another. Non-Muslim readers in particular are requested to bear in mind this aspect which is a real yet unavoidable handicap. 4.

By the end of the 6th century, after the birth of Jesus Christ, men had already made great progress in diverse walks of life. At that time there were some religions which openly proclaimed that they were reserved for definite races and groups of men only, of course they boro no remedy for the ills of humanity at large.

 There were also a few which claimed universality, but declared that the salvation of man lay in the renunciation of the world.

These were the religions for the elite, and catered for an extremely limited number of men.

We need not speak of regions where there existed no religion at all, where atheism and materialism reigned supreme, where the thought was solely ot occupying oneself with one’s own pleasures, without any regard or consideration for the rights of others.

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