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Is there a true religion pdf download

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 Is There A True Religion
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Bilal Philips
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Is there a God?

Before looking at the main question this brief booklet
seeks to answer, which is: “Is there a true religion?”

is necessary to consider the source of such a religion if
it should exist. Therefore, assuming that we seek divine
religion rather than a manmade one, the first question
to be answered is: “Is there a God?”

The variety and
complexity of the intricate systems which constitute the
fabric of both human beings and the world in which they
exist indicate that there must have been a Supreme
Being who created them. Design indicates a designer.
When human beings notice footprints on a beach,
they immediately conclude that human feet left those
impressions in the sand some time recently, even though
they did not see it occur.

People would not normally
imagine that the waves from the sea settled in the sand
and coincidentally produced depressions looking exactly
like human footprints. Therefore, it is both illogical and
unreasonable to claim that God does not exist.

Did God communicate with Humans? from “IS THERE A TRUE RELIGION book

Are all Religions correct?
Even though belief in God is prevalent worldwide, belief
in organized religion is generally weak, especially in the
West. Some feel that because there are so many religions
today, how can a person know which one to follow?

Others point out that each religion claims to be the one
true religion, so the easiest conclusion is that they must all
be false since they cannot all be true. The consequence
of this position in secular western countries has been to
label all religions as personal beliefs and declare equal
acceptance of all religions.

Furthermore, it has led to
official disapproval of any faith which claimed superiority
over others. Interfaith dialogues, which have become
popular, assert that it does not matter what religion one
follows as long as the follower is sincere about it.

idea of insisting that any religion is the only true one has
been declared outdated, uncivilized, politically incorrect
and extreme.

Is there a need for Religion? from “IS THERE A TRUE RELIGION book

Some people claim that the earth and its inhabitants are
too insignificant in relationship to the vastness of the
universe for God to be personally bothered with. In their
view God created the world and left it to run on its own.

They suggest that God created human beings but did
not provide them with guidance on how to live their lives.
This claim is totally unreasonable because God’s wisdom
is absolute.

It would be contrary to His nature for Him to
create people and not guide them to the correct path for
success in this world and in the hereafter. If God created
human beings and did not lay down regulations to which
they should adhere (i.e., religion), then we could expect
that humankind would be confused and chaos would
ensue in which only “the law of the jungle” would rule.

present condition of the world is such because people are
unaware of or do not adhere to God`s regulations

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