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Is Western Civilization Universal By Maryam Jameelah
📘 Book Title Is Western Civilization Universal
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Is Western Civilization Universal? By Maryam Jameelah


One of the most blindly accepted assumptions shared by leaders of thought throughout the world is that modern western civilization is universal and that the drastically changed conditions resulting from recent scientific and technological advances have rendered the preindustrial heritage of all non-European peoples obsolete.

Expressing this view, David Reisman, an American-Jewish sociologist, declares: The ethnocentric predicament is confounded by failure to realize that modernization appears as westernization by historical coincidence, Modernity is primarily a state of mind – the expectation of, progress, the propensity to growth, readiness to adapt oneself to change.

The nations of the North Atlantic area first developed the social processes – secularization, urbanization, industrializ1tion, and popular participation by which this state of mind came to ~prevail. The Western model is only historically western. Sociologically it is global.

The recent h! story of the Soviet ·Union and Japan show how effectively these processes modernize societies that are geographically remote from the West. The identical process reappears in virtually all modernizing societies ·on all continents of the world. regardless of variations in race, color, or creed.

That the theoretical model presented in this- book has been validated by the flow of events since its first publication in 1958 is highly gratifying to me as a social commentator. on our world. It is -equally gratifying to me as a special scientist but

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