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Islam And Its Festivals By Istafiah Isharc
📘 Book Title Islam And Its Festivals
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Islam And Its Festivals by Istafiah Isharc


Thirteen hundred years ago an event took place in the Middle East, the results of which we can still feel to this day in almost every part of the world. Ripple-like, its effects moved both East and West, and it was especially during the Dark and Middle Ages in Europe that the developments arising from this event began to touch the lives of people.

 A new and inspiring force, it brought change, enlightenment, and creativity which affected the lives, the thinking, and the culture of millions.

This event was the birth of an extraordinary man — a man of noble lineage who was born into humble circumstances. During his life as a young child, he experienced tragedy – the deaths of his mother and two years later, his grandfather — his father having died before his birth. Although he was well-loved by his uncle and other relatives, he understood well the loneliness of being an orphan.

He grew up to be a man with a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness and became a trader traversing the deserts of Arabia. In due course, he married a wealthy widow — a woman who was older than him but who was highly respected in Makkan society.

She was also a very beautiful, compassionate person with strong principles and beliefs.

Then something happened to dramatically alter his life and it was this which was also the beginning of this tremendous force for change.

A devoted and spiritual man, he had withdrawn to a cave to fast and pray when one night he

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