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Islam and love pdf download

Book Title Islam And Love
Book AuthorAbdullah Nasih Ulwan
Total Pages145
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Islam and love


Book’s Foreword by Prof. ‘Abdullah

When the word love is mentioned, the human soul feels refreshed and quivers, enjoying noble emotions, and wafts of sweet perfume. The word ‘Lover’ also raises the soul of man above the sky, cleansing him with purified water, joining his beloved inside the circle of this perfun1e, and flying as if within a soft cloud.

The author has tasted love and walked along its paths. For this reason, he calls for it because as our forefathers said:

 “Whoever tastes love knows its value.” There are people in tl1is age of materialisn1, who interpret love as a matter consisting of a lover and a bed.

They have forgotten that there are other types of love such as love of Allah, love of his Messenger, love of parents, love of sons and daughters, love of brothers and sisters, and finally love for the sake of Allah, which is preferred above all 1naterial wealth.

They have forgotten the types that are chaste and instead they chase after prohibited love that leads to adultery, either in brothels or in any open space like the pron1iscuous generations of today, who know neither modesty nor decency.

I will never forget the editorial by Prof. Sa’eed Ramadan in Al-Musfirnun Magazine which was published in Damascus following the trial of An-Nasri. It was under the heading ‘Love is our First Subject.’ We were attracted to the article, men1orized it and practiced it. Among us was Ezz-Din Ibrahim who co1n-

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