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Islam Answers Atheism Asrar Rashid
📘 Book Title Islam Answers Atheism
👤 Book AuthorAsrar Rashid
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Islam Answers Atheism Asrar Rashid


From the Book

This book is the result of engagements with a vociferous and provocative collection of people—one could almost say a faction—called the New Atheists, in addresses at universities, mosques, churches, and public areas, as well as in private homes and informal gatherings. New Atheism is on a crusade, a holy war, to dethrone its preconceived ideas of God and indeed all religions.

 This book will show how these New Atheist arguments use fallacy, straw man arguments, emotional content, and peculiar invective to disparage and denigrate. The book aims, in particular, to counter the propaganda ped- led and perpetrated against Islam.

 After the Twin Tower attacks in New York on September 2001, Islam was assaulted from all sides for being the doctrine of a law-giving God. Outdated notions were Jesus-   cited into an anti-Islam toolkit to combat those perceived as ‘Islamic zombies’ and new arguments were reinjected from the armaments of secular humanism and anti-theism.

 Islam was declared the greatest force for evil. Propaganda became the key tool to malign, denigrate, mock, deride, and patronize religion and religious people, perpetrated not less than in the spirit of Goebbels’ Third Reich ‘Reichspropagandaleiter’: “Propaganda has no principles of its own. It has only one goal, and in politics, that goal is always to conquer the masses. Any means to that end is good. and any means that does not serve that end is bad.”

 The entire polemical argument against Islam is encapsulated in the following exaggerated vitriol: ‘A superstitious, Jew-hating, violent religion that kills innocents, enslaves free people, that has a totalitarian homophobic, misogynistic law that oppresses women and uses draconian punishments like amputation and stoning.’ A sentiment especially echoed by Richard Dawkins who unabashedly tweeted:

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