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Islam Faith Guide pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: Islam Faith Guide
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Amjad Hussain
number-of-pages-icon-openmaktabaTotal Pages: 30
book-size-in-mbs-openmaktabaPDF Size: 1.24 Mb(s)
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used-language-icon-openmaktabaLanguage: English
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  Amjad Hussain, Kate El-Alami-Faith Guides for Higher Education, A Guide to Islam.pdf

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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

Faith Guides for Higher Educationwere of great concern to the Muslim students we surveyed. In addition,many feel themselves under continuous intense scrutiny, particularly sincethe 2001 attacks on the United States and the emergence of al-Qaeda. Theterm ‘Islamophobia’ has recently come into common usage to describe aform of fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims based on a perceived threat(however unfounded) to Western societies. t present religious discrimination is not recognised by British law in thesame way that racial discrimination has been for thirty years or so. Theidentity of many British Muslims today is based on faith and not onethnicity. The law can protect Pakistanis or Arabs in the case of ethnicdiscrimination but not a Muslim woman who is white and wearing hijab(although this may change in the near future with proposed legislation).Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking

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