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📘 Book Title Islamic Civilization
👤 Book AuthorSyed Abul Ala Maudoodi
🖨️ Total Pages351
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Islamic civilization – its foundational beliefs and principles by Sayyid Abul Aʿlā Mawdūdī Translated by Syed Akif


Some Book Contents
  • The Reality of Man
  • Man’s Place in the Universe
  • Man is God’s Vicegerent
  • An Explanation of Vicegerency
  • The Islamic Concept of Life
  • Man is subordinate, not the master
  • The First Precondition for Temporal Success
  • Engaging in and dealing with a Temporal Life
  • The Assets of Worldly Life
  • Responsibility and Accountability for Actions
  • Individual Responsibility
  • The Fiṭrī (Primary and Instinctive) Concept of Life
  • Conceptions of Temporal Life in other Religious Traditions
  • The Special Significance of the Islamic View
  • 2. The Ideal of Life
  • The Essential Characteristics of a True Collective Ideal
  • Man’s Natural Ideal and Ultimate Aim
  • A Critical View of Two Popular Collective Ideals
  • The Ideal of Islamic Civilization and its Characteristics
  • The Harmonization of Physical and Intellectual Aims
  • The Centripetal Force of the Islamic System
  • The Harmony between Thought and Action
  • The Reintegration of a Purely Human Collective
  • The Attainment of All Human Desires through Obedience
  • The Best Motivation for the Virtuous and Pious
  • Determination of the Ideal and Its Impact on distinguishing between various
  • Methods
  • The Role of the Ideal in the Development of Islamic Civilization
  • 3. Foundational Philosophy and Beliefs
  • The Reality and Importance of Belief (Īmān)
  • Character and Its Rational Foundation
  • The First Prerequisite for Organizing Behaviour
  • The Meaning of Belief (Īmān)
  • The Status of Belief (Īmān) in the Establishment of a Civilization
  • The Two Types of Belief (Īmān)
  • Religious Belief (Dīnī)
  • Temporal Belief (Dunyawī)
  • Some Foundational Principles
  • The Belief System (Īmāniyāt) of Islam
  • Intellectual Criticism
  • The Importance of Belief (Īmān) in Islam
  • The Precedence of Belief (Īmān) over Action
  • Summary
  • An Objection
  • Examination of the Objection
  • Belief (Īmān) in Allah
  • The Importance of Belief (Īmān) in Allah
  • The Comprehensive Structure of Belief (Īmān) in Allah
  • The Moral Advantages of Belief (Īmān) in Allah
  • Breadth of Vision
  • Self-respect
  • Humility and Fear of God
  • Elimination of False Expectations
  • Optimism and Peace of Mind
  • Ṣabr (Fortitude) and Trust in God
  • Bravery
  • Contentment
  • The Improvement of Morals and Organizing Behaviour
  • Belief (Īmān) in the Angels
  • The Purpose of Belief in Angels
  • The Reality of Angels in this System of Existance
  • The Additional Status of Human Beings and Angels
  • The Second Purpose of Belief in Angels
  • The Third Purpose of Belief in Angels
  • Belief (Īmān) in the Messengers and Prophets
  • The Reality of Prophethood
  • The Difference between Prophets and Ordinary Leaders
  • The Mutual Relationship Between Belief (Īmān) in Allah and Belief (Īmān) in
  • the Prophets
  • The Unifying Declaration
  • Allegiance and Obedience to the Messenger
  • The Importance of Faith in Prophethood
  • The Distinguishing Features of the Prophethood of Muḥammad (pbuh)
  • The Difference between the Prophethood of Muḥammad (pbuh) and Earlier
  • Prophets
  • A General Invitation
  • Completion of the Dīn (the Way of Islam)
  • The Abolition of Previous Religious Ways (Adyān)

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