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qualified companions. They were never eager to give their advisory opinions all thetime like the Muslims of today. In most occasions; the companions were more likelyto depend on the Qur’an as the main source of guidance. The recurrent quotation ofthe prophetic traditions was not their preferable approach in resolving any issue exceptafter looking thoroughly into the Qur’an and pondering over its verses. The oneamong them whose evidence is from the Qur’an had the strongest opinion. In otherwords; the Qur’an was still the main source of guidance and light in that period.The main features of the approach followed by the companions in issuing advisoryopinions and deducing legal rulings are the following: only dealt with at-hand problems. They refused to give an opinionregarding any hypothetical matter.They didn’t place a certain defined procedure in issuing an opinion or ruling. hey simply pondered over the Qur’an and the prophet’s teachings, andfollowed the guidance therein inclining towards what’s more likely to bepleasing to Allah.They were never keen on having their opinions recorded or written down.Their main concern was teaching the followers to depend on the Qur’an andthe prophetic teachings without narrowing the path of discretion in their faces.Reaching unanimous agreement (Ijma ‘) on public affairs was applicable. he main ideas one gets when reading about the first 12 years of this era (11-23 A.H.)are the following:1. The spiritual and moral reformation that was led by Prophet MuhammadP.B.U.H. was still close to its apex.2. The Qur’an was the main and most treasured hoard.3. Prophet Muhammad was still the sole model followed by Muslims in everyaspect of their lives; specially the Caliphs.The previous points played a very important role in holding all Muslims togetherwithout any division or factionalism. New Muslims didn’t find any difficulty inmelting into the Muslim community. You can instantly get this idea when you find outthat most of the famous scholars and jurists who studied at the hands of thecompanions were non-Arabs, they all embraced Islam after it had reached far awaycountries, and they were the ones who recorded and preserved the companions’knowledge. Near the end of ‘Omar’s reign, the numbers of people embracing Islamwas huge and increasing. Some of them were traveling all over Arabia and thesurrounding countries seeking to learn about Islam which was a very good thing, butthe need for answers to practical matters was increasing rapidly. Consequently, thepractical and legal issues constituted the main portion of the learning done, while thespiritual and moral teachings gradually declined and faded away. Those who were halfknowledgeable; who never learned from Islam except the words of the law but not itsspirit, were easily enticed by a bunch of hypocrites to ignite a terrible turmoil thatcaused the assassination of the third Caliph Othman Ibn-Affan. Afterwards, tumultsfollowed one after another and the Caliphate itself became an unbearable burden. Itwas reported that near the end of his life; Caliph Ali Ibn Abi-Taleb invoked Allah topardon him and let him join his companions. One day; while going out to attend thedawn-prayer; a Muslim extremist attacked Ali and stabbed him with a poisoned sword.Caliph Ali died in 40 A.H., may Allah be please with him.12

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