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Islamic Names By Shaykh Imran Ashraf Usmani pdf download

Islamic Names By Shaykh Imran Ashraf Usmani
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Islamic Names By Shaykh Imran Ashraf Usmani


The names are also a source of identity of one’s religion.

Therefore, the Muslims have been naming their children after the prophets, the Sahabah (Companions of the Holy Prophet), and the pious persons of the Islamic history.

 Their names have thus been reflecting their Islamic identity.

Unfortunately, this aspect of our lives is being neglected by many Muslims who do not bother to pay any attention to the meaning or any other association attached to their names.

In their eagerness to follow the modern trends, they sometimes select a name for their children which is totally meaningless or carries a bad meaning or has an un-Islamic background. For example, the female names like ‘Tahmina’, ‘Rubina’, ‘Nazli’ have no meaning at all.

The word ‘Naaheed’ means a woman whose breasts are fully developed, and it is a shame to call a woman with this name. Similarly, some Muslims girls are named as ‘Naailah’ which means calamity.

Many boys are named as ‘Parvaiz’ while ‘Parvaiz’ was the name ofakingof Persia who had torn the letter of the Holy Prophet into pieces. It is shameful for Muslim to name his child after such an enemy of Islam.

It is also seen in some Arab countries that a person is named j y-j ‘Firaun’ which is the Arabic title of Pharaoh, the tyrant of Egypt who persecuted the followers of Sayyidna ‘Moosa’

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