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Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present: Philosophy in the Land of Prophecy pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present: Philosophy in the Land of Prophecy
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
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Introduction9gradually the main schools of philosophy, in the West ceased to beChristian philosophy, and in fact philosophy in many of its schoolsturned against religion in general and Christianity in particular, pit-ting philosophy as the main rival to religion. In contrast, in the Islamicworld philosophy continued to function within a universe dominatedby the reality of prophecy, and this situation has persisted to a largeextent to this day despite the appearance of secular philosophies hereand there in various Islamic countries. trangely enough, while a number of secularized Muslim schol-ars of Islamic philosophy who write about it but do not belong to theIslamic philosophical tradition tend these days to criticize the verynotion of prophetic philosophy” and want to separate philosophyfrom prophecy أ¤ la the modern West, a notable number of Americanphilosophers, have now joined the society of Christian philosophers,while interest in Jewish philosophy as a living philosophy is also onthe rise in the West. In such a context the continued living presenceof the Islamic philosophical tradition, which has always functioned ina world dominated by prophecy, can also be of interest as livingphilosophy to Western philosophers in quest of the resuscitation ofJewish or Christian philosophy. Furthermore, this study can perhapsalso be of some help to certain Muslims who are philosophically in-clined but who have become severed from their own philosophicaltradition without having forsaken the reality of prophecy.

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