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Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing pdf

Book Title Islamic Ruling On Music And Singing
Book AuthorAbu Bilaal Mustafa al-Kanadi
Total Pages52
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Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing


Book contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Analysis of Quraanic Texts and Commentaries
  • Verses Claimed to Indicate Legality of Music
    • The First Verse
    • The Second Verse
  • Quraanic Verses Alleged to Indicate Prohibition of Music
    • The First Verse
    • The Second Verse
    • The Third Verse
  • Chapter 2: Critical Analysis of the Hadeeth Literature
  • The Traditions and their Degree of Authenticity
    • The Narration of Al-Bukhaari
    • The Narration of Ibn Maajah
    • The Narrations Ahamd bin Hanbal
    • The Narration of Al-Haakim and Others
    • The Narration of Abu Bakr Ash-Shaafi’ee
  • Chapter 3: Consensus of the Companions, Taabi’een, Imams and other Fuqahaa
  • The Position of the Companions on this Issue
  • The View of the Taabi’een, Imams and Scholars after Them
    • Imam Abu Haneefah
    • Imam Maalik
    • Imam Ash-Shaafi’ee
    • Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal
  • Those Who Approved of Singing and Its Refutation
  • Chapter 4: The Wisdom Behind Its Prohibition by the Divively-revealed Shari’ah
  • Chapter 5: Exceptions to the Rule of Prohibition as Indicated by the Authentic Sunnah
  • Examples of Occasions Specified by the Sunnah
    • Jihaad and Its Adjuncts
    • The Celebration of the two ‘Eed Festivals
    • The Wedding Feast
    • The Arrival of a Respected Personality
  • Other Occasions Agreed upon by Scholars
  • Occasions Differed Upon by Scholars: A Critical Analysis and Refutation
  • Chapter 6: Synopsis of Preceeding Shari’ah Texts along with Conclusions to be Drawn from
  • Them
  • Musical Instruments
  • Singing (Ghinaa)
  • Related Issues Proceeding from the General Rule of Prohibition
    • Dancing
    • Professions Connected with Music and Its Adjuncts
    • The Muslim’s Duty Regarding It
    • The Varying Gravity of the Sinfullness of Music and Singing
  • Some Acceptable Alternatives to Prohibited forms of Music and Singing
    • Recitation of and Listening to the Reading of Allah’s Book
    • Singing and Listening to Islamic Songs
    • Remembrance of Allah (dhikr)
    • Healthy Physical Sports
  • Conclusion

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