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The categories of tawheed

Literally  tawheed  means  “unification”  (making  something  one)  or  “asserting oneness,” and  it  comes from the Arabic  verbﻭ (wahhada)  which itself means  to  unite,  unify,  or  consolidate.   

However,  when  the  term tawheed  is used in reference to Allaah (i.e. tawheedullaah)2, it means realizing and affirming Allaah’s unity in all of man’s actions which directly or indirectly relate to Him.

It is the belief that Allaah’s One, without partner in His dominion (ruboobeeyah), One without similitude in His essence and attributes (asmaa was sifaat), and One without rival in His divinity and in worship (ulooheeyah ‘ibaadah).

These three aspects form the basis for the categories into which the science of tawheed has been traditionally divided.

The three overlap and are inseparable to such a degree that whoever omits any one aspect has failed to complete the requirements of tawheed.

The omission of any of the above mentioned aspects of tawheed  is referred to as shirk (which literally means “sharing” but here signifies) the association of partners with Allaah. In Islamic terms this association is in fact idolatry.

Because of this principle of tawheed, the Islamic belief in God is uniquely unitarian and Islaam is counted among the world’s monotheistic religions along with Judaism and Christianity.

 However, according to the Islamic unitarian concept (tawheed), Christianity is classified as polytheism and Judaism is considered to be a subtle form of idolatry.

Thus, the principle of tawheed is very profound and needs further clarification even among Muslims.

 This point is vividly illustrated by the fact that some Muslims like Ibn ‘Arabee3 monism; that

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