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Islamic verdict on Cloning – pdf download


Book Title Islamic Verdict On Cloning
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Islamic verdict on cloning


Book’s Introduction

There have been immense scientific developments by scientists.

These have been in the fields of biology, foetal sciences, science of cells, medical biology, genetic engineering, but not least animal cloning, as a preface for human cloning. These developments have exceeded all expectations and have been acknowledged with amazement.

These immense scientific developments and their applications,

which were achieved through advanced technology, point to the greatness of Allah, His Might, His Wisdom, and the perfection of His creation.

These things indicate that Allah is their Creator.

They also indicate that they were not created by mere coincidence, because they follow a precise order and specific laws that control and regulate them.

In addition, they have characteristics that fit their use and the purpose of their creation.

All of this shows that these things could not have been created by coincidence because coincidence does not bring about such concise laws and such precise system.

The concise laws and the precise system necessitate the existence of the Creator who is the Organiser, Perfector, Almighty, and All Wise.

Allah says;

“And we created everything according to a precise measure.” [ Al-Qamar: 49]

He, the Most Exalted said;

“He has created everything and has measured it exactly according to its due measurements.” [TMQ Al-Furqan: 2]

This means that He created everything in a precise way and made it such that it is equipped to fulfil its needs.

 It was a creation made with wisdom and with exact measure, and it was not a creation without measure.

This creation was made out of nothing, because creation (khalq) is making things of nothing, and not made from what already exists. Making something out of existing things is not considered creation.

These scientific developments and their applications were achieved by scientists and made possible by astonishing new advances in technology.

This technology relating to humans, animals, plants, or matter is only a tiny fraction of the many things that exist in this universe, a universe that has many things which remain unknown.

It is also part of the laws and systems which control things, and regulate them, and part of the characteristics which Allah has given the creation so that it will facilitate its functions to achieve the things that they were created for.

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