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Islamic View Of Jesus pdf download

Book Title Islamic View Of Jesus
Book AuthorIbn Kathir
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Islamic View Of Jesus

Islamic View Of Jesus

The Islamic Perspective on Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him), In the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, how did the Quran tell the narrative of the messengers and prophets from Adam to Muhammad, and how did the Quran describe in full the story of Jesus, peace be upon him?

The personality of Jesus (peace be upon him) has been a subject of disagreement and controversy between Islam and Christianity. 

While Christians consider Jesus a son of God or God, Muslims believe that he is a mere 

Prophet of Allah whose mission was to confirm the Torah revealed before him, call to monotheism and give glad tidings of the coming of Prophet Muhammad after him. 

It was this difference over the personality of Jesus that has kept the followers of the two religions apart. 

It is an article of Muslims’ creed to repose faith in all Prophets of Allah as well as the Divine Scriptures revealed to them. 

Muslims have been commanded to revere all Prophets with no distinction. In the words of

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