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Jami Tirmidhi pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: Jami Tirmidhi
number-of-pages-icon-openmaktabaTotal Pages: 2095
book-size-in-mbs-openmaktabaPDF Size: 10.85 Mb(s)
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used-language-icon-openmaktabaLanguage: Malay
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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

Page 28 of 97 Washing each limb twice (43) Sayyidina Abu Huraira (RA) said that the Prophet washed the limbs twice during ablution. I-BOOK ON TAHARAH (PURIFICATION) Narrated from Allah ‘s Messenger (SA W) Chapter 34 Washing every limb thrice (44) Sawidina Ali (RA) said that the Prophet washed each limb during ablution three times. [Ahmed928, 945, 971, Nisai 8, Abu Dawud 1141 file://C htm 6/24/2009

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