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JUST ONE MESSAGE pdf download

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Just One Message From The God The Book Which Many Of People Become A Muslim After Read It


after the creation of Adam, just one original message has been repeatedly delivered to mankind throughout the history of humanity.

Thus, to remind people about it and bring them back on track, many prophets and messengers including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were sent by the only true God to convey this message:

The true God is only ONE.

Worship Him ALONE and keep His commandments. God sent these major prophets as well as many other prophets and messengers to accomplish several tasks and missions, some of which are:

  • To receive guidance from God and deliver it to their people.
  • To convey the message that “God is One ” to their people.
  • To be good examples to their people.
  • To instruct their people to fear God and keep His commandments.
  • To teach their followers important things like religious and moral matters.
  • To guide those who deviated, disobeyed God, or worshipped other gods or idols.

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