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Knowledge and Social Practice in Medieval Damascus pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: Knowledge and Social Practice in Medieval Damascus
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Michael Chamberlain
number-of-pages-icon-openmaktabaTotal Pages: 215
book-size-in-mbs-openmaktabaPDF Size: 5.41 Mb(s)
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used-language-icon-openmaktabaLanguage: English
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  Michael Chamberlain-Knowledge and Social Practice in Medieval Damascus, 1190-1350-Cambridge University Press (1995).pdf

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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

, cult-Isp -ceptlfalls accou-c–lta ,-d s– -v’va5for ‘s • e succ -sful s– -v’vaacyأ¤n – -e- Alds( ch addPItstwelf ce-p lod, abpractlcL g befo”cult-cc–lta : “ug nut• ehlghmp leva Mldd P E -t. In Dam -c-Impp ‘me” Sp -duct’ – a numb-e Alds tr -smlttpmeY well be’rod e mlddPAe elghآ¯ /fo– nen• . M -ymo – mod but ju0c- -taln I” for two or-s. Th’s book -ks hco- -l p -p -ty-r-e Alds, Ilvl – – In a t– bu-ew’ • dffculty, made -ecult-(Cilm) ‘n • e’ro ra ng’-c’ a s—-vlvaKnowledge, cultural capital, and social survival- -mpor y sc A1 -s beglookcelh- , rn- leva M -I’m wrl n rst-r-rw’-c’ a s– -v’va . “The c– te ude- ,” Ibn Jamia, ‘”s h’sformsoughts.”5 Ibn-r-Hأ¤jj- l’nkP(Cllm) w’ll p- -ct you,judg o•m-rmdecyou have pnct yom Is adjudlcn P Men It Is Ss-remselvaffrmpd’- Is accou-msd’s -nsp -. 6 As muchby’A” Ichpr -e”(“–opp -n “) —- , not n gold”-ri” en It Ise wordsulamأ¤)nP – “), ahl al-Cilm-rYet, – crltlca-e Alds madeund-eo -n qu -t’ Th’s Is not dueni b -adly definpud1P Islam’csc- A1 -t’c, phllo -phlca , scle- ‘fic,body SC A1 -shlpn’ – ‘n e’r ra ng’Y lackS’nce e Mldd Ag- Is, h acyأ¤n-r-c’ a survlvamalns’n nr -t ‘n e subjectSC A1 –S haved Aga- l’ nr”-e subjects hda1d ev -grs’nce. Mo – -cen I ctua h’ 0 or’ -s have 0 ud1Pe Ilv-d works5 Ibn Jamia, Tadhkira ‘T -sأ¤mr wa -mutak”lim (Beirut, 1974), 72. Metaph -s associat’nglearn’ng w” cap’tal money are a commonplace ‘n e sources. See f– example e shaykhwho “spent all he had ‘n e coffers of h’s knowledge” (mo C’ndahu mun khazأ¤na C ‘lm’h’),$afadv, ACyأ¤n n –CAY, Sأ¼leyman’ye Kأ¼tأ¼phanes’, At’f Effendi MS 1809, 623b; also ‘bid. 57b;Abأ¼ Shoma, Tarnjim rijأ¤l” -qarn –sأ¤dis wa ‘T –snbl€ al-mdrأ¼fbi –dh-rawdat—n(Beirut, 1974), 41. Knowledge was pr’zed as e ‘ ‘Inheritance of e prophets,” ‘n badv•d’tt’es, and commonplaces: Subki, Staatsb’blio•- ek, Berl’n, preuss. Kulturbes’tz Or. 8, no.1440, fol. 33: “wa-lo ‘r’ – ilo sh’rca Abmad.” Ign – -ance was occas’onally referred to as being”sh -t of merchandise in c 11m” (qall al-bldoca fi C’lm): Ibn Kaa- ir, n–Bidأ¤ya wa n–nihC’yafi’T(repr. Be’rut, 1982), 14/123; f– similar metaph -s see Subki, Staatsblblio•- ek MS, 14;Safadv, ‘T –Wأ¤fi bi-n–wnf—nt, H. Rutter et al. eds., Das Bibliographische Lexicon (Istanbul,1931 18/396. See also Zarnأ¼ji, Kitأ¤b taClأ¤m -mutacn-lam tariq n –tacn-lum (Beirut, 1981), 39;n–sharif, 4 vols. in 2 (Cairo, 1929), 1/87; Ibn al-Dn,Ibn al-Hojj, Madkhn- n–sharTarأ¤jim Ibn T—miyya, British Library Or. MS 7714, fol. I l.6 Ibn al-Hأ¤jj, Madkh’V, 1/69. F– “treasures of knowledge, not of gold” (kunأ¼z al-Cllm I” adh-dhahab) see Safadi, n–W”fi,21/342.

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