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Life and Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad pdf

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When Muhammad was twenty-five, a rich 40-year old widow,Khadijah bent Khuwaylid of the Quraysh tribe, entrusted him withthe management of her business. She used to employ men toengage in trading on her behalf, and rewarded them with a share ofthe profits. Muhammad was so honest in all his dealings that shewas deeply impressed by his virtues and expressed her desire tomarry him. After consultations with his uncle, Muhammadaccepted the proposal of marriage. Khadijah became his first wifeand during her lifetime he had no other wife. With the exception ofIbrahim, who died in infancy, all his children were born toKhadijah. All his sons died in infancy. Of the daughters, RuQaiyyah,Zaynab, umm Kulthum and Fatimah lived long enough to acceptIslam and migrate to Madinah with the Prophet.When Muhammad was twenty-five, the Quraysh decided torebuild the Kabah after a sudden flood had shaken its foundationsand cracked its walls. The old structure was demolished and thenew construction began. When the walls rose from the ground andthe time came to place the famous Black Stone (Hajr al-Aswad) inits place on the east wall, a dispute arose among the clans as towho would have the honour of laying it in place. Each clan wantedto have the honour of placing the stone for itself. This disputealmost led to a civil war. No peaceful solution seemed possible.

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