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love notes book pdf download

Marriage and Family Life taught by Sheikh Yasser Birjas

Book Title Love Notes
Book AuthorYaser Birjas
Total Pages85
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love notes


Book’s Forward:

By the Grace of Allah (swt), then through the generosity of Qabeelat Tayybah, I am proud to present to you the student with the official Love Notes for Qabeelat Nurayn.

Much effort has been put forth into these master notes to assure an authentic source of study for the exam,

 As has become a sunnah of our Qabeelah. The brothers who fundamentally compiled the notes for Tayybah are:

  • Waleed Tawfik
  • Ammar Adam
  • Tayyib Zaman

These brothers have requested you to make sincere du’a for them. Please do so. And while you’re at it, it would be nice for you to keep yours truly in your du’as as well! (Amir Yunas)

These notes have not been left in its original form. Some additions have been made to these notes for the sake of adding some Nurayn flavor.

 It is known that no two classes are ever exactly the same.

Therefore, some unique points and gems specific to our class will be found in this document, insha’Allah t’ala.

With that, I hope that each and every one of you benefits immensely from these notes for the sake of Allah alone. Ameen. JazzakumAllahu Khairan


  • Understand the meaning of love and its rulings from an Islamic perspective.
  • Recognize the Mercy and Wisdom of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala Who laid down rules for marriage and the treatment of one’s spouse. Understand how Islam protects and nurtures love between a male and a female through the institution of marriage.
  • Know how love and compassion played key roles in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and his example as a husband and a family man.
  • Understand the reasons behind the status and importance of marriage and the family unit in Islam.
  • Search for the most desirable characteristics in a prospective spouse and know the correct procedures for pursuing someone you are interested in marrying.

Know the rights and obligations of each spouse and how to work together to achieve a household full of love and mercy.

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