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Loving Our Parents,
📘 Book Title Loving Our Parents
👤 Book AuthorAbdul Malik Mujahid
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Loving Our Parents, Obligations Stories Of Duties And Obligations By Abdul Malik Mujahid, Translation Mohammad Zubair


Writer says;

We should make our parents feel that they are consulted and taken on board in every matter. We may request that our mother or father accompany us to the market to buy clothes of their choice.

If for some reason, they do not have the means to do so, we should buy clothes for them. We will notice their happiness and they will pray and bless us profusely.

We should also surprise them once in a while, depending on the occasion. We should suddenly give them things they like and need, saying very respectfully: “Dear mother (or father, as the case may be), I was at the market when I saw these things which you use and like, so I bought them for you. Please accept them.” Such gestures are extremely gratifying to parents.

It will please them immensely to get these types of thoughtful gifts from their children. Once, when I was in America for work, I saw a seven-seater vehicle that caught my fancy in a showroom of old cars in Houston.

So I purchased it. | rang my respected mother, informed her of the purchase, and said that a seat in the vehicle was reserved for her. Hearing this news, her joy knew no bounds. She kept talking about it for many days telling her visitors and acquaintances that her son Abdul Malik had

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