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Magic Divination In Islam pdf download

📘 Book Title Magic Divination In Islam
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Magic Divination In Islam

Magic Divination In Islam

The chapters in this volume are taken from the sources listed below.

 The editor and publishers wish to thank the authors, original publishers or other copyright holders for permission to use their material as follows: 

CHAPTER 1: Translation of Joseph Henninger, “Geisterglaube bei den vorislamis- clicn Arabern”, in his Arabica Sacra (Gottingen, 1981), pp. 118-69. 

CHAPTER 2: Francis E. Peters, “Hermes and Harran: The Roots of Arabic-Islamic 

Occultism”, in Michel Mazzaoui and Vera B. Moreen, eds.,

 Intellectual Studies on Islam: Essays Written in Honor of Martin B. Dickson, Professor of Persian Studies, Princeton University (Salt Lake City, 1990), pp. 185-215. 

Chapter 3: Michael W. Dols, “The Theory of Magic in Healing”, in his Majnun: the Madman in Medieval Islamic Society, ed. Diana E. Immisch (Oxford, 1992), pp. 261-76. Reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press. 

Chapter 4: A. Fodor, “The Rod of Moses in Arabic Magic”, Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 32 (Budapest, 1978), pp. 1-21. 

Chapter 5: Tewfik Canaan, “The Decipherment of Arabic Talismans”, Berytus 4 (Beirut, 1937), pp. 69-110; 5 (Beirut, 1938), pp. 141-51. 

CHAPTER 6: Venetia Porter, “Islamic Seals: Magical or Practical”, in Alan Jones, 

ed., University Lectures in Islamic Studies 2 (London, 1998), pp. 135-49 and Figs. 8.1-8.13. Copyright © 1998 Venetia Porter. 

Chapter 7: Charles Burnett, “Weather Forecasting in the Arabic World”. First publication. Copyright © 2003 Charles Burnett. 

Chapter 8: Emilie Savage-Smith and Marion B. Smith, “Islamic Geomancy and a Thirteenth-Century Divinatory Device”, original version published in UCLA Studies in Near Eastern Culture and Society  (Lancaster, US, Undena Publications, 1980); revised version copyright © 2003 Emilie Savage-Smith and Marion B. Smith. Plates 1-6, 8-12. Copyright © The British Museum. 

Chapter 9: YahyaJ. Michot, “Ibn Taymiyyaon Astrology. Annotated Translation of Three Fatwas”, Journal of Islamic Studies 11 (Oxford, 2000), pp. 147-208. 

Chapter 10: George Saliba, “The Role of the Astrologer in Medieval Islamic Society”, Bulletin d’etudes orientales 44 (Damascus, 1992), pp. 45-67. Figs. 1, 2, 

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