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A myth that western culture believes is that Islam teaches oppression of women. A woman’s youth, clothes, habits, marriage, motherhood, etc, are all in subjugation. This is hideously false. Islam teaches that a woman’s role in the house is that of royalty, dignity and respect.

 Sadly many Muslims adopting customs native to their birthplace, have shown their bad habits and mannerisms as representative of Islam whereas this is not the case.

 NumerousAhad/t/i have explained the elevated status of women, how they should be respected and even revered. The Prophet has stated that paradise lies under the feet of one’s mother (i.e. in serving her).

The messenger of Allah M has also commented, ‘It is better for you that a metal rod be plunged into your head than that you should touch a female who is not lawful for you’.

The prevailing misconceptions that many people, including Muslims have, regarding the issue of women’s rights and their roles will be cleared out in this book.

 In due course, because of Islam’s beautiful teachings, a person will be able to judge for themselves exactly what Islam’s stance is, and an open mind will differentiate between customs (whether they are Arabian, African, Indian, Western or otherwise) and Islamic teachings.

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