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MERCY FOR MANKIND pdf download

Mercy For Mankind (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen)
Book Title Mercy For Mankind
Book AuthorSulaiman Mansoorpuri
Total Pages244
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Mercy For Mankind (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen) Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri Translation Sharif Ahmad Khan


Some Book Contents

  • Publisher’s note  
  • Author’s preface  
  • Introduction  
  • The approach of the commission of prophethood  
  • Commission of prophethood  
  • Khadijah’s assurance to him as evidence of his high quality of his character  
  • Evidence of warqa bin naufal on the prophet’s prophethood  
  • The beginning of preaching the islamic faith  
  • The divine command of overt preaching  
  • The condition of the world at the time of his being raising  
  • The harague  
  • The sermon of the mount and calling makkans to faith  
  • The prophet’s preaching efforts  
  • The prophet’s preaching in fairs and markets  
  • The opposition by the quraysh  
  • The strategic plans of quraysh against islam  
  • Maltreatment of the prophet (pbuh) By the quraysh  
  • The party for mockery and denigration of the prophet  
  • Muslim migration to abyssinia  
  • Amir hamza embraces islam  
  • ‘Umar faruq’s (r) islam  
  • The prophet under siege in a gorge for three years  
  • Abu talib’s death  
  • The sad demise of khadijah-al-kubra (r)  
  • The prophet’s (pbuh) Preaching mission to the tribes outside makkah  
  • The prophet’s (pbuh) Visits to different places on his preacidng mission  
  • Suwaid bin samit’s islam  
  • Calling the messengers from yathrib to faith  
  • Ascension  
  • Tufail bin ‘amr dausi embraces islam  
  • Abu zarr (r) embraces islam  
  • The reasons beidnd migration  
  • The bai’ah ‘uqabah the first  
  • Mus’ab bin ‘umair (r)  
  • /
  • /
  • Mercy For Mankind (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen)
  • Bai’ah uqabah the second  
  • Usaid embraces islam on mus’ ab’s exhortation  
  • The entire tribe of sa’d bin mu’az became muslim in one day  
  • The prophet’s (pduh) Discourse on the agreement of ‘uqbah ii  
  • The twelve heralds of the apostle of allah  
  • The quraysh caught hold of two persons from yathrlb  
  • The muslims permitted to migrate  
  • Hindrance in migration -resistance by quraysh  
  • Migration of the prophet  
  • The meeting of the chiefs of quraysh for planning of the murder of muhammad(pbuh)  
  • The approved plan of prophet’s murder and selection of murderers  
  • Divine decree against human plans  
  • Thirteen years of prophethood in makkah  
  • Islam of baridah and seventy others en-route to yathrib  
  • Prophet’s arrival at quba  
  • The first khutba friday (harangue) of the prophet delivered at bani salim bin ‘auf atmadinah  
  • Entry to madinah  
  • The conditions of makkah compared with those at madinah  
  • Chapter I  
  • Extension of the charter to the tribes around  
  • The quraysh intended to attack muslims in madinah  
  • The first conspiracy of the quraysh against the muslims  
  • The second conspiracy  
  • The threat of the quraysh of makkah  
  • First attack of quraysh on muslims of madlnah  
  • The vast army of quraysh and surety of their attacks  
  • So far the muslims had not been permitted to fight  
  • The second attack of quraysh or battle of badr  
  • The third conspiracy of the quraysh and the plan to murder the prophet (pbuh)
  • The third attack of the quraysh ghazwah al-saweeq  
  • The fourth attack of the quraysh or the battle of uhud  
  • Anas bin nadhar’s zeal and passion for laying down his life  
  • The valour of abu dujanah, hanzilan, ‘ali murtaza and talhah (r)  
  • /
  • /
  • Mercy For Mankind (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen)
  • The height of perfection of belief and love of islam  
  • Over looking faults and forgiveness by the prophet (pbuh) And his prayer for thepagan oppressors  
  • The fourth battle by the quraysh and death of ten preachers  
  • The behaviour of khusaib (r) and zaid (r) in captivity  
  • Love of life compared to the love of the prophet  
  • Another conspiracy and murder of seventy preachers  
  • The fifth attack of the quraysh, violation of treaty or conquest of makkah  
  • Instructions to the army and orders for amnesty  
  • The bai’ah with the newly converted and its conditions  
  • The mode of bai’ah of women  
  • The consequences of the makkan conquest the reasons of entry to allah’s religion incrowds  
  • The defence against hawazin and thaqif or the battle of hunain shawwal  ah  

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