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MILLAT IBRAHIM – The religion of Ibrahim pdf download

MILLAT IBRAHIM - The religion of Ibrahim
📘 Book Title Millat Ibrahim
👤 Book AuthorAbu Muhammad al- Maqdisi
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Millat Ibrahim – The religion of Ibrahim and the calling of all prophets and messengers


We present to the English reader, Millat Ibrahim, by the noble Shaykh, Aba Muhammad Al-Magdisi, may Allah preserve him.

This particular treatise has been an influential and significant book with many of the contemporary Islamic groups intent upon forming an Islamic state

 Herein, the author draws several parallels between the form of idolatry in the time of the Messenger of Allah , and that which the apostate regimes have instituted from fabricated laws and methodologies of falsehood in the lands of the Muslims, which are the main obstacles to the formation of such a state.

    In doing so, he touches upon the very basis of Tawhid and the obligation of the slave not only to hold these false deities with contempt inwardly ~ be they idols made of stone, or trees, or stars or the man-made legislations – but outwardly as well.

 And while most Muslims are familiar with the concept of having enmity towards the polytheists (Mushrikin) and their false deities, within their hearts, there seems to be a pervasive lack of awareness regarding the outward enmity and what is required to be demonstrated in terms of aggression and hostility and warfare.

 And so, as the author points out, although most Muslims are aware of certain aspects of the events of Ibrahim’s life, may the blessings of Allah be upon him, the various points of his Millah, in terms of his enmity towards the people of Shirk and Kufr and his taking

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