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Mısteries of Purity pdf download

📘 Book Title Misteries Of Purity
👤 Book AuthorImam Al-Ghazali
🖨️ Total Pages45
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Misteries of Purity by Ghazali Translated by NABIH AMIN FARIS

Misteries of Purity

Book contents

  • Preface 
  • Introduction 
  • On Purification from Impurities 
  • That which is Removed 
  • The Vehicle of Removal 
  • The Manner of Removal 
  • Purification from Excrements 
  • The Etiquette of Answering the Call of Nature
  • The Manner of Ablution 
  • The Excellence of Ablution 
  • The Manner of the Major Ablution 
  • The Manner of Purification with Sand 
  • On Cleanliness and Cleansing 
  • Discharges
  • Bodily Growths

The Mysteries of Purity

In everyone of these stages purity is half the activities it entails.

For the supreme aim of the activities of the inmost self is to have the majesty and greatness of God revealed unto it. 

But the knowledge of God will never actually descend into the inmost self unless everything other than God is removed therefrom. 

For this reason God said, “Say: It is God: then leave them in their pastime of cavilling*.”

 It is evident therefore that [the knowledge of God and allegiance to another besides Him] cannot inhabit the same heart and God has not created for man two hearts within him. 

As to the activities of the heart, their supreme purpose is to adorn it [113] with the praiseworthy traits and the doctrines established by the Law.

No one who has not cleansed his heart from their opposite, namely the false doctrines and the reprehensible vices, has ever been described by these traits. 

Hence the purification of the heart comprises one half of its activities.

This first half is a prerequisite for the second. It is in this manner that purification is one half of belief.

Similarly the purification of the bodily senses from the forbidden things is one half of the activities they entail and is the prerequisite of the second half.

 Their purification is the first half and their adornment with good works is the second half

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