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Mormonism And The Negro pdf download

Book Title Mormonism And The Negro
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Mormonism And The Negro

Mormonism And The Negro

About the book from some reviewers

is the word of God and completely true as translated by Joseph Smith. Smith was a true prophet of God. 

In fact, he was the only one.Brigham Young and his ilk ruined the chances for millions of people to come closer to Jesus Christ through what was restored in these last days.

His racism, bigotry, blood oaths, deceit, and everything else serves only to push people away from the church and the Book of Mormon. 

But then, why should it matter to Brighamites today as long as they’re making their money, right?

This book is written to white people as a justification for their posture towards black members of LDS. 

Most blacks are far too intelligent to fall for the Mormon story and know the voice of God Almighty. 

God has no place inside LDS, instead the “white and delightsome” faith is blinded by satanic racism. “Negro blood” and blackness are considered by LDS to be a mark of sin. So sad to see this side of humanity.

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