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Muhammad Ali pdf book download

Book Title Muhammad Ali
Total Pages133
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Muhammad Ali – Heavyweight Champion Jack Rummel With additional text written by Gloria Blakely


Book Contents

  • Introduction vi
  • Miss Velvet Green 1
  • Cassius Clay of Louisville 5
  • Dance of the Dinosaurs 16
  • A Call From Islam 28
  • A Technical Knockout 40
  • The Exile 51
  • Resurrection of a Heavyweight 63
  • The Greatest 77
  • The Champion of Change 88
  • Reintroduction to the World 100
  • Chronology 112
  • Further Reading 114
  • Index 115
  • About the Contributors

Publisher says:

The mix of individuals whose lives we covered was eclectic, to say the least. Some were well known—Muhammad Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, for example. But others, such as Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, were lesser-known figures who were introduced to modern readers through these books.

The individuals profiled were chosen for their actions, their deeds, and ultimately their influence on the lives of others and their impact on our nation as a whole.

By sharing these stories of unique Americans, we hoped to illustrate how ordinary individuals can be transformed by extraordinary circumstances to become people of greatness.

We also hoped that these special stories would encourage young-adult readers to make their own contribution to a better world. Judging from the many wonderful letters we have received about the black Americans of achievement biographies over the years from students, librarians, and teachers, they have certainly fulfilled the goal of inspiring others!

Now, some 20 years later, we are publishing 18 volumes of the original Black Americans Of Achievement series in revised editions to bring the books into the twenty-first century and make them available to a new generation of young-adult readers. The selection was based on the importance of these figures to American life and the popularity of the original books with our readers.

 These revised editions have a new full-color design and, wherever possible, we have added color photographs. The books have new features, including quotes from the writings and speeches of leaders and interesting and unusual facts about their lives.

The concluding section of each book gives new emphasis to the legacy of these men and women for the current generation of readers.

The lives of these African-American leaders are unique and remarkable. By transcending the barriers that racism placed in their paths, they are examples of the power and resiliency of the human spirit and are an inspiration to readers.

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