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MY RELIGION ISLAM pdf download

My Religion Islam, An Overview Of Its Ideology By Mujeeb Aslam Khan
📘 Book Title My Religion Islam
👤 Book AuthorMujeeb Aslam Khan
🖨️ Total Pages61
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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My Religion Islam, An Overview of Its Ideology by Mujeeb Aslam Khan

MY RELIGION ISLAM – An Overview of Its Ideology by Mujeeb Aslam Khan

Some Book Contents

  • Quest for knowledge
  • A brief history of Islam – how it started
  • Major attributes of Allah (SWT)
  • Basic beliefs and pillars of Islam
  • About Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)
  • Some useful facts about the Quran
  • Some facts about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Qualities of a ‘Good Muslim’
  • Benefits of being a ‘Devout Muslim’
  • Things prohibited in Islam
  • Correlation between the Quran and important issues relating to our life
    • Real-life issues mentioned in the Quran
    • Scientific and universe issues
  • Miracles performed by the prominent prophets
  • Some useful facts about the Kaaba
  • Why there are misconceptions about Islam
  • The Message

The message that Khan presents in this book is not solely one of Islam, it is one of peace and tolerance. In our rapidly changing society, animosity and misunderstanding between religions are at the forefront of many of the world’s conflicts.

Such ethnic and religious bloodshed is both a cause and a result of the anger and ignorance of societies in the current age of globalization. Unfortunately, inter-religious and inter-cultural toleration continue to be undervalued.

 There is a lack of knowledge about Islam by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike that cannot be ignored.

The need to understand Islam reaches beyond the classrooms of our universities and into our homes, businesses, and offices. An intricate understanding of this important world religion has never been of more political, cultural and social importance.

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