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Nikah by Hadrat Moulana Abdulhamid Ibrahim Ishaq Sahib Damat Barakatuhu


From the Book

This Hadith explains that the very nature of women is such that if the man is softhearted, they overpower them, which we will term the “petticoat government” or we will say that the woman is wearing the trouser in the house.

 Further, the Hadith says that if a person (man) is hard-hearted then he will over-rule the woman. This is the general rule that is common everywhere.

 Then Nabi goes on to explain his position. He says: “I love and prefer to be overpowered and to be the nobler one, and I do not wish to be the one who dominates and overpowers.

 In other words, even if the world says that there is a petticoat government in my house and that the woman is wearing the trouser, I am not prepared to forsake my character and my nobility.

I will rather tolerate the abuse of my wife, instead of turning around and retaliating by abusing her. I do not want to be recognized by the world as a hardhearted person

. I prefer to be recognized as a soft person.

Hadhrat Moulana Shah Masihullah Sahib used to advise that when searching for a partner for our daughters, we should look for a soft-natured person, which in reality is a quality of piety as well.

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