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Nurturing Eeman in Children pdf download

Nurturing Eeman in Children
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 Nurturing Eeman In Children
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Aisha Hamdan
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Nurturing Eeman in Children – Sample Book

Introduction – Nurturing Eeman in Children

In overview of the condition of children and families in the world today leaves one bewildered and saddened. The family structure is falling apart, with divorce, separation, single parenthood, and fatherless homes becoming the norms rather than the exceptions. Technology has resulted in families spending less time together than at any point in history.

Children spend more time immersed in television programs and computer games (more than 20 hours per week) than in meaningful conversations with their parents (less than 30 minutes per week). Mothers are entering the workforce in ever-increasing numbers, often leaving their young children in the care of strangers for long periods of time. The list is endless.

The most significant trend in families today is a decline in basic morals and values. Immorality is becoming an acceptable and familiar way of life. Cheating, gambling, consumption of alcohol and drugs, premarital and extramarital relations, and others have become the norm in many countries of the world. In relation to children and families, disobedience, deceit, and disrespect are the three dangerous Ds of this era.

Children and teens no longer find it important or necessary to obey and respect their parents. They will disobey or be deceitful in order to please their friends or to gain some worldly pleasure. They do this with little thought or feelings of guilt. This is an insidious and ominous concern that must be taken seriously.

Muslim families are not immune to these concerns and phenomena

Unfortunately, Muslim families are not immune to these concerns and phenomena. Many Muslims in the West struggle with these issues on a daily basis. And, as globalization sinks its teeth into every bit of area on the earth, Muslims around the world are affected to a greater degree. Although globalization is actually term that is meant to describe economic forces, it is having far-reaching effects on the social and moral structures of societies.

Nations are not only importing goods and services, but they are also bringing in ideals, values, and morals that are often contrary to the traditional beliefs and practices of these societies. The main route of transmission is the media, including television, Internet, and magazines.

Nurturing Eeman in Children

A child halfway around the world is exposed to the same mind-numbing, valueless, morally corrupt material as a child in America. As children and youth scramble to become ‘Westernized’, members of the older generation struggle to maintain their ethnic, cultural, and religious identities. This leads inevitably to all sorts of intergenerational conflict and, of course, to the three dangerous Ds.

The most significant worry is the impact that these events are having on the Islamic values of families and societies; for it is these values that are suffering the most. The long-term concern is that with each generation, these values will become weaker and weaker. It is not uncommon in Muslim countries, for example, to see teenage boys and girls hanging out together at the mall: the girls without Islamic covering, fully made-up and wearing perfume. Boys and girls communicate together through Internet chat rooms, email, and cell phones. Teenage smoking, drug use, and delinquency are on the rise in many countries. The extent of more clandestine diseases, such as illegitimate relations, is unknown.

The solution

We are all familiar with these images; but the focus of this book is not on the problem, rather on the solution. For the solution to these social ills and troubles is within the hands and hearts of each and every Muslim. It is within reach and can be accomplished with sincere dedication. The answer, of course, is Islam and a return to the virtuous and honorable principles of this way of life. This is, in fact, the only real and viable solution; for it has been ordained by our Lord and our Creator, who knows us better than we know our own selves. Any

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