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Obstacles That Prevent one from Making Repentance pdf

📘 Book Title Obstacles That Prevent One From Making Repentance
👤 Book AuthorIbn Taymiyah
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Obstacles That Prevent one from Making Repentance


From the Book: The great Qur’an translator At-Tabari mentions in his tafsir regarding this beautiful ayah; Allah the Most High says that indeed, he succeeds who purifies his soul.

So he greatly purifies his soul from kufr (disbelief) and disobedience and rectified it though righteous actions.

Also Ibn Qayyim relates that Hasan al-Basri said: He succeeds, who purifies his soul by rectifying it and directing it towards obedience of Allah and he fails, who ruins it and direct it towards disobedience of Allah.

Allah also says:

“And indeed, he fails who corrupts it (i.e., his soul).”

وقد خاب من دساها سورة الشمس (10)

Also At-Tabari then relates from Mujahid who said regarding this ayat, means, misguided it.

Then he relates that Qutaada said about this ayat, means, and caused it to sin.

Furthermore, our beloved Prophet used to teach his companions (Khubatul-Haaja) the speech of need): All praise is for Allah; we praise Him.

 Seek His aid and forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the “evils of our soul” and wickedness of our actions.

 Sins are a substantial obstacle hindering the way to attainment success, Shaykh ibn ‘Uthaymeen says: some matters that protect a person from sins and help him to remain distant from them and not to fall into them are knowledge of their dangers, what they give rise to, their evil consequences and extreme harms.?

Ibn Rajab said says regarding repentance, that if a person repents to Allah and truly meets the conditions of repentance, then Allah will definitely accept that repentance from him in the same way he accepts a disbeliever embracing Islaam.

 This is the opinion of the majority of the Scholars and Ibn ‘AbdulBarr even gives some indication that this is a consensus on this point. Ibn Al-Qayyim said regarding sins:

 alienation between the slave and his Lord, lack of remembrance of Allah, corruption of the heart, deprivation of knowledge, squandering ones time, anxiety

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