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OUR BELoved MASTER – HIS EARLY LIFE pdf download

Book Title Our Beloved Master
Book AuthorMuhammad Ismail Panipati
Total Pages232
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Our beloved master


Book foreword

This series of books was originally published in Urdu to provide children with a basic knowledge and understanding of revered figures from our religious history.

Illustrations, children’s activities and glossaries have been added to enhance the learning experience for children.

 The goal of the series is that children develop a love and appreciation for the immense sacrifices and the profound faith of the revered personalities portrayed in these books.

 It is also hoped that the examples of righteousness found in these pages inspire children to cultivate a personal relationship with their Creator.

This particular book is about the ancestory, childhood and early years of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hadrat Muhammadsa.

It paints a vivid historical picture of the state of the Arab people at that time.

Through this book children will be introduced to the righteousness and moral purity of the Prophet of Islamas that was apparent from the moment of his birth.

The Children’s Book Translation Team of Additional Wakalat-e-Tasnif has rendered the series in English. Some modifications and additions have been made to the original text for the sake of historical accuracy and style.

The team is headed by Uzma Saeed Ahmad and includes:

Busaina Ahmad, Nakasha Ahmad, Sarah Ammar, Ruqaiya Asad, Aamna Bhatti, Haallah Ahmad Jehlumi, Hafia Khan, Rabia Khan, Rafia Rehana Khattak, Amatulhaee Mirza, Farzana Safiullah, Alia Sajid, Noma Saeed Samee, Manahil Shahnawaz, Amina Maryem Shams, Durre Sharif, and Namoode Sahar Zartasht.

The team is also grateful for the valuable suggestions made by Rashidah Nasir.

May Allah the Almighty reward them abundantly in this world and the hereafter. Amin.

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