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PICATRIX – The Goal of the Wise pdf download

📘 Book Title Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise
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PICATRIX – The Goal of the Wise 




PICATRIX – The Goal of the Wise 

غاية الحاكم 

The First Book consists of seven chapters because the fast planets are seven. 

The first chapter deals with the Virtue of 

Wisdom. I discuss in the first book the astrological ratios and the pattern of these ratios in making tahsmans and how planets 

cast their light on other orbiting planets. 

Additionally, I present in the first book the vague meanings which have been withheld 

and concealed by philosophers. 

The Second Book deals with the astrological pictures and their functions, and it explains the secrets which philosophers have concealed about these functions. 

This book also deals with the patterns of borrowing magic in the world of formation and 

dissolution as called by the philosophers of the elite. 

Moreover, it explains why Plato calls for finding these pictures. 

The Third Book is about the fortunes of the planets from the three generative origins, and it explains that there is nothing left in the world of formation and dissolution that agrees with such 


reactions are impossible because of their fluidity and susceptibility to interaction, and consequently, nothing remains. 

I also mention their tempers in dealing with one another to attain the required magical function through the effect of the original or natural heat or both either by means of emanating incense or by whatever cooked food or drink that can get into the stomach. 

The Fourth Book talks about the magic of the Kurds, the Nabateans, and the Abyssinians and examples of the magical tricks which are considered the best type of magic.

 I complete this purpose without withholding or concealing anything. I beseech Allah’s assistance to help me complete this endeavor. 

He is my supporter, and with His support Ihereby begin, Allah willing. 

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