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Pondering Over The Quran
📘 Book Title Pondering Over The Quran
👤 Book AuthorAhsan Islahi
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Pondering Over the Quran, Volume Two By Amin Ahsan Islahi


Reflect on Sirah al-Baqarah and you realize that it must have been revealed at a time when the People of the Book had realized that the new dispensation, Islam, as it steadily grew from strength to strength, was indeed the true religion.

 However, because of jealousy and stubbornness, they refused to accept it. This placed them in a difficult predicament.

Driven by emotion they were determined to fight the new religion but were yet not clear how precisely they should confront it.

Consequently, they hurled at Islam whatever objections they could think of and which they found convenient. Some among them maintained that no prophets or messengers from Allah could arise from any people outside the descendants of Israel, as they alone were the people specially chosen for this purpose.

Others said that the Torah was more than enough for guidance and in its presence, no new Divine guidance was needed. In their frenzy, they even cast aspersions against the angel Gabriel saying that he had always been their enemy. Some others tried to form a united Jewish-Christian front against Islam.

They said that Judaism and Christianity were the only two legitimate sources of guidance and so whoever wanted guidance should turn to one of these religions. There was no other — third — way to guidance. Yet another group resorted to duplicity and deception.

They tried to convince the Muslims that they too were believers and that faith was not the monopoly of Muslims only. Like the Muslims, they

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