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Prophet manner of performing prayers – Book Sample


From the Book: The worshipper reads the Tashahud while sitting and says:

“Al-tahiyatu lilahi wasalawatu watayibatu Assalamu alayka ayuha-n-nabiyu wa rah­mat-u-llahi wa barakatuhu. Assalamu alayi­na wa ala ibadi-l-lahi-s-salalihiyn. Ashadu ala ilaha ila lahu wa ashadu anna Muham­madan abdoho wa raswuloh. Allahuma sal­liy ala Muhammad wa ala aali Muhamad, kama salayata ala Ibrahima wa aali Ibra­him. lnaka Hamidon Majid. Wa barik ala Mohammad wa ala aali Muhammad kama barkta ala lbrahima wa aali lbrahima. Inaka Hamidon Majir.”

This means:

“Greetings, prayers and the good things of life belong to Allah. Peace, mercy and bless­ing of Allah be on you, O Prophet.

May peace be upon us and on the devout slaves of Allah. I testify that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and messenger. O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family as You blessed Ibrahim and his family.

You are the Most-Praised, The Most-glorious. 0 Allah, bestow Your grace on Muhammad and his family as You best­woed it on Ibrahim and his family. You are the Most-Praised, The Most-glorious.”

After reciting the Tashahud, the worship­per asks Allah’s protection ·from four evils, he should say:

“My Lord, I ask your protection from tor­ment of the Hell, torment of the grave the trials in life-time and after death, and from the imposter Antichrist.” The worshipper may ask Allah for prosperity in this worldly life and in the Hereafter, supplicate Allah to bestow His favors on his parents and other muslims.

He could do this in both obligatory and optional prayers. It has been reported by lbn Massoud that the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, taught him how to recite the Tashahud and told him that the worshipper should invoke Allah and ask Him for the more beloved wishes which he likes, or, as it has been related in other word­ings, the worshipper should ask Allah for whatever he wishes.

In this manner, the ser­vant can ask Allah for all the prosperities of this worldly life and the life to come. The worshipper terminates his prayer by turning his face to the right saying:

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