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Prophet PBUH As Teacher
📘 Book TitleProphet Pbuh As Teacher
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Prophet PBUH As Teacher

About the Book

A vast corpus of individual narratives, consisting of supposed eye-witness accounts of Muhammad’s every act, his orders, prohibitions, recommendations, approval or disapproval, covers every conceivable aspect of personal, private, domestic, public, political, commercial, military, fiscal and administrative, as well as strictly religious, activity undertaken hour by hour, day by day, week in ,week out, year after year of the twenty three years of his public ministry.

All that he had ever been seen to do, or heard to say, or reply when questioned had, it was claimed, been reported by one or other of his inner circle and immediately taken up, talked about, analysed, checked, stored, memorised and preserved and then handed on to any who had been absent by those who had been present to see,here and record.

The Prophet as Teacher’ does not need justification, since all prophets are meant to be teachers in the first instance, and the Qur’an itself has talked the function of the Prophet Muhammad as “To teach them the book and wisdom and making the grow in purity. “

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