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purification of the soul 2 pdf download

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 Purification Of The Soul 2
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Abu Muhammad al- Maqdisi
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An Exposition on the Divisions of Sins

Sins can be restricted to four characteristics:

The first division is characteristics of Lordship, which causes pride, arrogance, love of praise and compliment, honour, control and the likes. These sins are destructive and some people are heedless to them, not even regarding them as sins.

The second is the satanic characteristics, which incite envy, transgression, chicanery, deception, plotting, cheating, hypocrisy, ordering corruption and so on.

The third is the animal characteristics, which incite the very base animal instincts of evil and fulfilling the desires of the stomach and private parts. It leads to illegal illicit sexual intercourse, homosexuality, theft and worldly desires-all for the sake of desire.

The fourth is the Predatory characteristics, which lead to anger, hatred, attacking people with murder and violence, seizing wealth and property-these features have different levels in the natural disposition.

The animal instincts overcome a per­ son initially, the predatory instincts secondly. If these two are found they use the mind for the satanic instincts of plotting, deception and chicanery-and then the characteristics of lordship overcome.

These are the sources of sins, then they branch out to the limbs, some of them are with the heart, such as ideas, innovation, hypocrisy and ordering evil.

 Some sins are with the eyes, some with hearts, some with the tongue, some with the stomach and private parts, some with the hands and feet, some with the whole body-and there is no need to elaborate on that as it is clear.

Then sins split into: what is connected to the rights of people; and what is between the servant and the rights of the servants [of Allah].

The latter is more serious,as with the former there is the possibility of pardon so long as it is unrelated to shirk, Allah’s Refuge is sought. It has been narrated from ‘A’ishah (radiyAllahu ‘anha”‘) that she said: Allah’s Messenger said: “The accountswith Allah are three: one which Allah does not care for; one which Allah does not leave anything and one which Allah does not forgive, which is shirk. Allah said:

“Indeed, he who associates others with Allah-Allah has forbidden him Paradise.” [al-Ma’idah (5): 72]

As for the account which Allah does not care a thing for-it is when the servant oppresses himself in that which is between him and Allah, and he can be forgiven for that. As for the account which Allah does not leave a thing for-it is when the servants oppress each other, qisds in these cases are inevitable.

Another Division: Minor and Major

Know that sins are split into: minor (saga’ir) and major (kaba’ir), and there is no difference of opinion as to them, and the apadith differ on the number of major sins. The authentic apadith which mention them are five:

The First The hadith of Abu Hurayrah (radiyAllahu ‘anhu) that the Prophet said: “Stay away from the seven destructive sins.” The Companions (radiAllahu ‘anhum) asked: ‘O Messenger of Allah, what

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