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Qadar Predestination pdf download

📘 Book Title Qadar Predestination
👤 Book AuthorBilal Philips
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Qadar Predestination – Book Sample


Question 139; How many levels of belief in Qadar are there?

Belief in Qadr has four levels:

1.         The first level is to have belief in the knowledge of Allaah; which encompasses everything. Not even the like of a weight of an atom in the heavens or the earth escapes His knowledge. And He, the Most High, knew about all His creation before He created them. He knew their provision, appointed terms, their speech and actions, all their doings, their secrets and that which they declare openly, and those among them from the People of Paradise and those from the People of the Hellfire.

2.         The second level is to have belief in the recording of that knowledge; and that He, the Most High, wrote all that will exist according to His prior knowledge. Included in this is belief in the Preserved Tablet (al-Lawh al-Mahfooz).

3.         The third level is to have belief in Allaah’s executive will and His omnipotence. They necessitate each other with respect to what was and what will be. But they do not necessitate each other with respect to what will not be and what was not. So what Allaah, the Most High, wishes exists by His omnipotence, and it could not be any other way, and what Allaah does not wish does not exist, due to the absence of Allaah’s wish for it and not due to Allaah’s inability to make it exist, may He, Most Great and Glorious, be far removed from that.

4.         The fourth level is to have belief that Allaah Most High is the Creator of everything and that there is not a single atom in the heavens nor in the earth, nor that which is between them, that Allaah did not create. He is the creator of their movements and their lack of movements, may He be glorified. There is no creator besides Him and no Lord except Him.1

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