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Qadiyaniat: An Analytical Survey Allamah


From the Book

The second half of the nineteenth century has far-ranging implications for subsequent developments in the world of Islam.

During this period, through the active collaboration of forces antagonistic to the dynamic and revolutionary message of Islam, emerged on the map of the world two sects which used all under—the—counter-tactics and below—the—belt punches to hoodwink and misguide the Muslim masses.

The most heinous aspect of it all was that they tried to achieve their hideous ends by parading themselves as the latest versions of Islam.

The motive behind the emergence of these sects was to dis- enchant the Muslims with the springs of their religious inspiration — Mecca and Madina — by sowing in their minds the seeds of skepticism about the universality of Islam and by keeping them cribbed and confined within the geopolitical limits of their respective countries.

They wanted to drive a wedge into the unity of Muslims which was a pain in the neck of the opponents of Islam, whose hearts burned with hatred and when they realized that it was the Islamic faith alone that united disparate tribes, races, and communities into an indivisible whole across the gaping cultural chasms and barriers and which wove into a single string the desert — dwellers of Hijaz and Nejd, the residents of the heights of the Himalayas and the natives of the valleys of Kashmir.

These anti-Islamic forces forged two spurious sects to undermine the unity of Islam: one was the specter

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