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RARITIES OF QURAN pdf download

Rarities Of Quran Gharaib Ul Quran
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Rarities Of Quran Gharaib Ul Quran


Adam has neither a mother nor a father. Rather, Allah Almighty created him from clay. As there is a tradition that when the Holy Lord intended to create him He (The Exalted) commanded Hazrat Izrail to fetch a handful of clay from the earth.

Accordingly, Hazrat Izrail descended from the heavens on the earth and when he picked up a handful of the soil, the whole upper layer of the earth stripped off and came into his hand. It contained clays of sixty different colors and qualities.

That is to say, clays of white and black, red and yellow colors, and clay having hard and soft, sweet and bitter, saline or tasteless qualities.        

Then He (The Exalted) commanded to knead this clay with different waters. So, after a long time, it became sticky and again it was kneaded for a long time and became a stinking mud-like object, then it became a chinking and tinkling dried clay.

Then the clay figure of Hazrat Adam was made of it and placed at the door of paradise seeing which, the angels wondered as they had never seen a creature of such form and shape

. Then Allah Almighty dictated the soul to enter this idol. As the soul entered and reached up to the nostrils, he #£ sneezed. And when the soul reached up to the tongue, he &S said:

Praise be to Allah, and Allah Almighty said: May Allah have mercy on you. O father of Muhammad 335, Adam, I have

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