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Reciprocal Rights – Risaalat Al Huqooq by Imaam Ali Ibn Husaynas


Reciprocal Rights (Risalatu ‘l-Huquq) is one of the most well-known works narrated from the fourth Shi’i Imam Abu Muhammad Ali ibn al- Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon them (38/659 — Imamate 61/680—94 or 95/712 or 713).

The famous and trustworthy Imami Traditionist Abu Hamzah at-Thumali narrated it from him, and Abu Ja’far ash-Shaykh as-Saduq al- Qummi included his narration in several works.’

 Ibn Su’bah and at-Tabrisi also give the Tradition, but, following their usual practice, without a chain of transmission.

The Allamah al-Majlisi included it in his Biharu ‘l-anwar, first with the chains of transmission from al-Khisal and al-Amali, 3 and then with the chain of transmission from Tuhaful ‘uqul, then he says: ‘We give this twice because of the enormous difference between the [two versions] , the strength of the first [transmission] , and the great usefulness of the second.’

As al-Majlisi says, there are many differences between the version of as-Saduq and that of Ibn Shu’bah: the text which as-Saduq narrates contains all the rights which the Imam (p.b.u.h.) mentions — fifty in all —, while that narrated by Ibn Shu’bah does not contain as many rights, al-though it is considerably longer since it contains comments given by the Imam, right by right.

The late as-Sayyid Abdu ‘r-Razzaq al-Musawi al- Muqarram gives the Risalatu ‘l-Huquq and its different texts in his book on the Fourth Imam, 1 where he mentions the differences which distinguish the texts from each other.

 It is through the success given by Allah, praise be to Him, that the learned as-Sayyid Said Akhtar ar-Radawi has translated this work into English, chosing the longer text narrated by Ibn Shu’bah in Tuhafu ‘l-‘uqul.

And it is through the success that Allah, praise be to Him, has granted us that we have published this English translation, printing it with the parallel Arabic text.

We beseech and implore Allah to ensure that our endeavours serve solely His noble ends, and to guide us to that in which the good of the Muslims resides, for He is the best Master and the most excel-lent Protector.

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