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Renounce Your Atheism by Dr. Haitham Talaat
📘 Book Title Renounce Your Atheism
👤 Book AuthorHaitham Talaat
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Renounce Your Atheism by Dr. Haitham Talaat


1: What is atheism?

Atheism is: rejecting belief in any form of unseen Divinity. The atheist denies the existence of a Creator, Divine revelation, and resurrection.

 2. What is the proof that there is a Creator? There are many proofs but we will focus on two; the first is called “proof based on existence — dalil al-ijab” and the second is called “proof based on providence — dalil al-inaya”. 3. What is meant by “proof-based on existence”?

Everything is temporally originated; it came into existence after it was non-existent, so it must have had an originator. This means we have 10174 proofs that a Creator exists.

 This number constitutes the overall number of molecules with their functional activities throughout the universe. By the way, this number is huge, it means 10 followed by 124 zeros! So, everything that “originated” and entered the sphere of existence is proof that there is a Creator.

 If you looked around you and pondered the universe with its incidental characteristic and its constant change, you will find that it is accidental and ever-changing rather than perpetual or eternal. Hence, you are proclaiming that it is not self-subsisting, which will lead you to seek its originator to finally realize that it has a Creator.

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