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Revelation and Reason in Islam pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: Revelation and Reason in Islam
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Arberry, A.J.
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  Arberry, A.J.-Revelation and Reason in Islam (1957).pdf

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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

of qiyas as a legal term from the Hebrew hiqqish has beengenerally accepted,” it is not irrelevant to recall that thisvery word was chosen to translate the title of the AnalyticaPriora, while burhin (demonstration) was used as theequivalent of Analytica Posteriora.’6 In any case the debt ofearly Moslem jurisprudence to Greek logic and Roman lawhas been persuasively proved.” The Persian polygraphIbn al-Muqaffa’ (d. ca. 140/757), who is said to havetranslated Aristotle’s logical writings from Pahlavi intoArabic,” thus, if the statement is true, anticipating by aconsiderable while those translators who made theirversions directly out of the Greek,” in a tract that includesstrictures against the ancient schools of Moslem law makesthe statement that reason (Gaql) and personal opinion(rd’) have a necessary if restricted function in religion; inexpressing this view he was addressing the caliph al-Mansأ¼r. 0 When Ahmad ibn Hanbal (d. 241/855), pro-posing to revert to the ‘original Islam’ in opposition to whathe condemned as the rationalising excesses of the Mu’-tazilites, rejected qiyas as an unwarranted innovation, hefound himself obliged by way of compensation to extend theconfines of Divine and apostolic authority by gatheringtogether an unprecedentedly large volume of traditionalsayings of the Prophet, admitting many that were excludedas of doubtful authenticity by more fastidious collectors. is example, with others of a like kind, encourages theobservation that extremist advocates of revelation againstreason can only succeed in their manoeuvre either byenlarging the sum-total of revelation, or by claiming asrevelation what others prefer to regard as the ordinaryprocesses of reason. Even the Hanbalites however wereunable finally to banish the analogical method from theirtextbooks, and that arch-enemy of the philosophers IbnTaimiya (d. 728/1328) displays in his polemical broadsidesa superb mastery of the methods of dialectical reasoning. 52In attempting even the briefest and most cursory reviewof the collision in Islam between revelation and reason, to18

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