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REVIVE YOUR HEART pdf download

REVIVE YOUR HEART Putting Life In Perspective By Nouman Ali Khan
📘 Book Title Revive Your Heart
👤 Book AuthorNouman Ali Khan
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Revive your heart – Putting Life in Perspective by Nouman Ali Khan


The world today is abuzz with unrelenting activity. The developments in the worlds of politics, economics, social media, entertainment, technology, and beyond, are all constantly vying for our attention.

But more importantly, they are vying to distract our hearts. In line with the ideology of unfettered free markets, we are constantly being ‘exhorted’ to consume.

There has, perhaps, never been a time when Allah’s words, alhakum al-takathur (al-Takathur 102: 1), were more applicable.

We have arrived at a time when being distracted from our duties to Allah has been institutionalized: the entertainment industry is undoubtedly one of the most imposing industries of modernity.

 Of course, it does not stop there. In modern society, individuals can be reduced to little more than atomized consumers.

Our din also can become commodified into a form of entertainment in this environment. Our scholars can become celebrities, who we watch for a ‘spiritual high’ before returning to our routinized consumer existence.

The Muslim ummah is experiencing crises of religious identity, with its global image being hijacked by violent groups.

These groups attract young Muslims, ignorant of their din, into their ranks through their domination of the headlines with shocking acts of violence. With such levels of distraction and crisis, it is difficult to stay spiritually centred.

Our communities and mosques are not always the centres of spiritual guidance and counsel we need them to be.

The Prophet taught us: al-din al-nasilialt—”The din is about giving sincere counsel.” And in an age of distraction and pervasive negativity, positive and constructive reminders are essential to our spiritual well-being.

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