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Salah Ad-Din Al-Ayyubi pdf download

Hero of the Battle of Hattin and Liberator of Jerusalem from the Crusaders 532 – 589 A.H./1137 – 1193

📘 Book Title Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi
👤 Book AuthorAbdullah Nasih Ulwan
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Salah Ad-Din Al-Ayyubi (Saladin)

Hero of the Battle of Hattin and Liberator of Jerusalem from the Crusaders 532 – 589 A.H./1137 – 1193 C.E.

By ‘Abdullah Nasih ‘Ulwan


The author did well in choosing to write about Salah

Ad-Din’s life for the following reasons:

1. The Muslim ummah (nation) urgently needs a person like a hero Salah Ad-Din in order to regain his epoch. Therefore, Muslims should search for one whose characteristics match those of Salah Ad-Din.

2. Jerusalem is undergoing a severe trial nowadays, so Muslims should read the history of their forefathers to realize how Jerusalem was liberated in order to liberate it again.

3. Our Muslim ummah has strayed from the straight path and deviated from the way of the exemplars.

Thus, the ummah should search for those who set a good example and realize that Salah Ad-Din was one of those who had an ideal character over the passage of time.

4. Our ummah has ignored the way of jihad, which is the only way to liberate Palestine. Rather, it has indulged in lusts and sophism. So, it should be reminded with extensive biography, and there is none better than that of Salah Ad-Din in this respect.

The author has done well in choosing to remember this ideal character. We hope also that the Muslim ummah will do well in seizing the means of obtaining victory.

He also did well when he brought Salah Ad-Din’s biography to light because he had a great, singular character.

Islam was the source of this ingenuity and the reason people loved him. Moreover, their trust in his character and the ummah’s faith were other reasons for Jerusalem’s liberation. This issue needs to be emphasized so that Muslim leaders find the true manner of leadership in current times.

The only way to lead the Muslim ummah today is to adopt the issue of Palestine sincerely and in a manner harmonious with the hopes, beliefs, culture and history of the Muslims. The Muslim ummah has preserved the best memory of Salah Ad-Din because he performed like that.

As for those who think that the way of leadership is

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