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Satan and his ways in Misleading pdf download

📘 Book Title Satan And His Ways In Misleading
👤 Book AuthorAbu Iyaad
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Satan and his ways in Misleading


Book Contents

  • Part 1: the nature of shaytaan
  • What is shaytaan?
  • What is the belief of the ahl us-sunnah regarding this matter?
  • The creation of aadam.
  • The angels prostrate to aadam and iblees refuses.
  • Aadam eve and iblees get expelled from paradise and are sent to the earth.
  • What is the goal of shaytaan?
  • Part two: the ways and means of shaytaan in misleading
  • Inciting discord and bad suspicion
  • Beautifying innovations
  • Aggerating one matter over all others
  • The individual
  • The community
  • Procrastination and saying ‘soon
  • False perfection
  • Not having the correct perception of oneself
  • Doubt
  • Fear
  • Part three: means of protection
  • Knowledge
  • Sincerity
  • Remembrance
  • Seeking refuge in allaah
  • Reciting the prescribed portions of the qur aan
  • Keeping good company
  • Bibliography

The ways and means of shaytaan in misleading

There are many ways which Shaytaan has at his disposal. This is so because he also has friends and allies from among mankind. Sometimes these friends and allies are not conscious that they are in fact working for him (these include muslims).

Shaytaan is a master planner and all the mischief in the world is a result of his misguidance, however, all of his handiwork is under Allaah’s control and will and wisdom. In the sight of Allaah and to the believers, the plan of Shaytaan is very weak:

lnciting Discord and Bad Suspicion

The Messenger (sas) said: Indeed, Iblees has despaired that the righteous may worship him … but he will strive to incite discord amongst them.[Reported by Muslim]

Meaning that he will cause them to argue and hold grudges against one another, to spread trials amongst them and make them occupied with each other making them forget Allaah, their Lord. In another narration from Imaam Muslim, the Messenger (sas) said: Shaytaan has despaired that the performers of prayer in the Arabian peninsula may worship him.

Having evil thoughts and suspicions is also a habit which Shaytaan induces. The wife of the Prophet (sas) and Mother of the Believers, Safiyyah (ra) said: The Messenger (sas) was in seclusion in the mosque.

I came to visit him at night time and conversed with him. Then I got up to leave and return to my house and he got up with me to accompany me. Two men from the Ansaar walked passed us – may Allaah be pleased with them – and when they saw the Prophet (sas) they hurried.

 The Messenger (sas) then said: Come Here! She is Safiyyah bint Hayy. The two men then said: How free is Allaah from all shortcomings O Messenger of Allaah. Then the Messenger (sas) said: Indeed

Shaytaan flows through the Son of Aadam like the blood flows (in his veins) and I feared that he might throw some evil into your hearts so that such and such might be said. [Reported by Bukhaaree].

It is obligatory therefore, when you stand in a place and a bad opinion or suspicion is being formed about you that you explain to the one who is watching you or listening to your speech until no chance remains for any doubts or suspicions.

 Suspicion is one of the areas from which Shaytaan attacks. He makes you constantly observe people and listen to their words so that you misinterpret them and form a bad opinion accordingly.

Another way this happens is that he makes you suspicious of yourself in your prayer, or when performing wudhoo’.

 He suggests in your mind that perhaps you did not do such and such or recite such and such, why don’t you do it again

 So many people end up confused due to these evil and mischievous whisperings and find discomfort when performing these acts of worship.

Beautifying lnnovations

A way in which Shaytaan beautifies innovations is by whispering to someone: The people in this time have left the Deen and their returning to it seems difficult.

Why don’t we do some acts of worship and add to them so that the people are attracted by them to the religion. He also comes to people and says: ‘People are far away from the Deen, perhaps if we bring some hadeeths which will instill fear

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