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Secrets Within the Order Of The Qur’an pdf download

📘 Book Title Secrets Within The Order Of The Quran
👤 Book Authorİmam Suyuti
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Secrets Within the Order Of The Qur’an by Jalal al- Din al-Suyuti

أسرار ترتيب القرآن


The miracle which is the Quran has been preserved by all Muslim generations. It became the legislation and lifestyle the Ummah lived by; reciting it, memorizing it and studying it.

One of the biggest relationships that a believer can have with the Qur’an is to ponder upon its words and meanings.

This is the command from the One who revealed it and the key to truly benefiting from it:

This objective cannot be truly fulfilled unless the reader of the Qur’an is aware of the deeper meanings of it, the themes and objectives of the surahs, and the pearls of wisdom found within them.

 For this reason, the scholars both past and present possessed a stimulus in understanding in a deeper manner and gave importance to documenting them within their works.

The true miracle of the Qur’an can be excavated when one realizes that its miraculous nature is combined in all of the disciplines of the Shari’ah. The deeper meanings are intertwined within the religion as a whole.

So it may appear that the meaning of a particular ayah or surah is clear to the reader, however, the Qur’an is something which cannot be reproduced by man therefore, what may appear to be plain and simple is actually something which is refined in wisdom and unlimited in knowledge.

For this reason, the earliest disbelievers in it described it as enchanting witchcraft.

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