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Seeds of Admonishment and Reform pdf download

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 Seeds Of Admonishment And Reform
  • Book Author:
Ibn Al-Jawzi
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THE SHAYKH, the Hafiz, the Imam of his time, the incomparably unique scholar of his age, Jamal ad-DIn Abu al-FaraJ Abd al-Rahman bun Ali ibn al-Jawzi said:

All praise is due to Allah for what He Bestows, a praise with which He will be Pleased. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon whom He gathered all guiding signs and whose name is mentioned after the Name of the Truth (i.e. Allah) when­ever Allah is remembered (i.e. Prophet Muhammad (?) is also mentioned), and this is enough an honor for him. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon his family, his companions and those who follow his example.

Within this book I enveloped delicate phrases, subtle and elu­sive clues and indicative hints that I have laid out their words from various disseminated arts; therefore, only those who do not ac­cept the ordinary and the low shall enjoy reading it. I intend with this book to be like a pattern sewed on the garment of sermons and a gemstone for the ring of speeches whereby its words affect the heart before reaching the hearing. That being said, from Allah alone, I hope this book to be a source of benefit.

NEITHER DOES HIS ATTRIBUTE as the al-Awwal entail that He has a beginning, nor does His Attribute as al-Ahkir imply that He has an end, nor does His Attribute as al-Zahir connote deficiency, and nor does His Attribute as al­Bafin denote any form of inactiveness in His Attributes.

The charge of (asking) “why?” is tamed and silenced when it stands before His Divine Presence, and the blaze of the Truth holds back the hand of (asking) “how?”, and the lights of the Exalted and Glorified daze and blind the eyes of human thoughts…

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