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Seeing With Three Eyes pdf downlod

📘 Book Title Seeing With Three Eyes
👤 Book AuthorIbn al-'Arabi
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Seeing With Three Eyes by Sara Sviri

Seeing With Three Eyes

Ibn al-‘Arabl’s barzakh and the Contemporary World Situation 

The author of this paper attempts to write about the mystery of the barzakh in and from Ibn 

al-‘Arabfs perspective. Ibn al-‘ArabVs perspective observes things from three dimensions: the two dimensions of the positive and negative, which are familiar to us by means of our ordinary binary perception, and in addition the third dimension that belongs neither to the one, nor to the other. 

This is the dimension of the barzakh, which can be called tertiary, since it is unitive and inclusive of the two familiar dimensions. 

“Seeing” the third dimension of the barzakh is not accessible to ordinary binary perception; 

it is accessible, according to Ibn al-‘Arabi, only to those who possess a special kind of seeing: they are the ahl al-kashf, those who “see ” with three eyes, as it were. 

Nevertheless, between the binary and the tertiary/unitive perceptions there is a pervasive tension of relatedness. 

It is a dynamic tension that makes its mark on all levels of existence, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

In other words, although the barzakh belongs to the dimension of the mysterious “third”, it is powerfully present and influential all around. 

It manifests itself as the cognitive function that Ibn al-‘Arabi calls ‘imagination Yal-khayalj. For him, the barzakh-irnagination is 

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